We provide flatbed towing which is very efficient and safe for transporting any kind of vehicle. Flatbed towing is the kind of towing were the whole vehicle is placed on the flat platform of the towing truck without any of the four wheels touching the ground. Apart from the safety and and efficiency aspect that comes with using a flatbed towing truck, flatbed towing trucks can also be very economical if more than one vehicle is being towed. There are a number of reasons why you should consider flatbed towing over other towing options.

Safest option

Transporting your vehicle using a flatbed is the safest option you can take when transporting any kind of car because it just doesn’t ensure the safety of your vehicle but also that of other drivers and pedestrians as it is safely strapped to the platform. It’s also the safest way to transport luxury cars so as to prevent any scratches to the car.

Severely Damaged Vehicles

A flatbed is sometimes the only option when the vehicle is severely damaged. Strapping a severely damaged vehicle to a tow truck and dragging it may not work so well with cars that have damaged tires, axle or have parts falling off.

Save Time

Using a Flatbed towing truck will also save you the much needed time because you won’t have to do any other procedures that you will normally need to do when using other methods such as making sure the tires are in good condition or removing the drive shaft.


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Target towing was great in price and they were quick at responding. The guy that came out really knew what he was doing and had knowledge about my car situation. I am happy I used them and I am gald to post this review. Thanks to fox for towing my car so quickly!

Lance Guerrero
I ran out of gas and nowhere near a gas station. Was so scared and did not know what to do I gave this company a call. They got to me in 30 minutes and were so nice to me and helped me out really fast. highly recommended!
Brook Green

I was at a show in Los Angels and once I got back to my car it just wouldn't start I was with some friends we found Target Towing on the internet and gave them a call they came after 20 min! Excellent service highly recommended!

Tom Robins