4 Reasons You May Need Heavy Towing For Your Car

4 Reasons You May Need Heavy Towing For Your Car

Ordinary towing trucks might seem powerful but they are not powerful enough to tow certain structures or vehicles hence the need for heavy duty towing trucks that can withstand several tons without any problems. An average sedan or SUV can be easily towed but certain structures and vehicles will definitely need heavy towing.


If you own a big bus and experience problems that will need to have it towed to another location then an average towing truck won’t do the job.

Statistically speaking, any vehicle that weighs more that 10000 lbs is considered heavy duty hence a big bus which weighs about 33000 lbs will need heavy duty towing if it is to be transported safely and faster.

Industrial Equipment

Commercial equipment such as cranes or forklifts are heavy industrial equipment that need to be safely transported from one location to another. Heavy duty towing is needed to transport these types of equipment because they tend to weigh more than the average vehicle and need experts to transports them.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles or RV’s as they are popularly know might seem small and light but after considering all the additions, they weigh several thousand pounds and need heavy duty towing trucks to move them around. So whether you want to just move your large Recreational vehicle to a better spot or it’s experiencing problems, a heavy duty towing truck will be needed to tow it.

Tractor Trailers

Tractor trailers are commercial vehicles that usually cover long distances and are sometimes prone to accidents and other problems because they are usually on the road almost 24/7. When an accident occurs in the middle of nowhere , it will need to be towed to a destination where it can fixed hence the need for heavy towing.

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