What You Should Know About Towing Capacity

What You Should Know About Towing Capacity

Before you begin towing other cars or machinery using your own vehicle, you need to understand that all vehicles have maximum towing capacity which is the limit they can tow. Ignoring a vehicle’s towing capacity can have serious consequences for your vehicle such as damage to your engine or transmission even to your health. In order to know your vehicle’s towing capacity, you need to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You need to understand the meaning of the following terms before you try to tow anything.

Tongue Weight

Tongue weight refers to the weight exerted by a load a trailer being towed by your vehicle. The position of the load on the trailer will greatly affect the tongue weight.

Gross Trailer Weight

The gross trailer weight is the sum total of both the trailer and the load on the trailer.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

Gross vehicle weight rating is the maximum weight of a vehicle,occupants and luggage which is determined by the manufacturer and your vehicle might get damaged if you exceed it.

Gross Axle Weight Rating

Gross axle weight rating refers to the maximum weight that can be added on your front or rear axles. The manufacturers set these limits and exceeding them might cause damage.

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