We provide roadside assistance to motorists because we understand that most Los Angeles motorists will at some point experience problems with their vehicles which can greatly delay them from getting to their destination. Roadside assistance is a service that assists motorists whose vehicles suffer a problem and leaves them stranded. You might need roadside assistance when you experience any of the following :

Flat Tire

A flat tire can happen to anybody and it can cause a lot of frustrations and delays, that’s why we offer a flat tire change to motorists that experience this problem. We are ready to get to your location and replace that flat tire with a spare tire within minutes of you calling us.

Run Out Of Gas

Running out of gas might seem impossible but it does happen especially if the gas station is very far from you. We are ready to help you whenever you run out of gas whether it’s during the day or at midnight.

Locked Out of Car

We offer locksmith services to motorists that get stranded after locking their keys in the vehicle. We will get to your location a few minutes after you call us and we will get you back in your car.


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About Us

We provide the most competitive and affordable towing Los Angeles service you will ever find! Aside from being affordable, we are also very reliable and provide 24/7 towing service in Los Angeles.


Target towing was great in price and they were quick at responding. The guy that came out really knew what he was doing and had knowledge about my car situation. I am happy I used them and I am gald to post this review. Thanks to fox for towing my car so quickly!

Lance Guerrero
I ran out of gas and nowhere near a gas station. Was so scared and did not know what to do I gave this company a call. They got to me in 30 minutes and were so nice to me and helped me out really fast. highly recommended!
Brook Green

I was at a show in Los Angels and once I got back to my car it just wouldn't start I was with some friends we found Target Towing on the internet and gave them a call they came after 20 min! Excellent service highly recommended!

Tom Robins